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چین بمقابلہ امریکہ

23 Apr 2017


Who is to blame?

19 Apr 2017

When comes the harvest, who will history point to? Two metrics may be used to encompass the influence a country has across the world: economic standing, and military prowess. For example, when a dignitary from the US is invited to Pakistan, the degree of protocol provided may very easily provide a stark contrast with the […]


One who doesn’t respect oneself

18 Nov 2016

” One who doesn’t respect oneself, cant possibly respect anyone else.” Syed Zishan Hyder. جوشخص خوداپنی عزت نہیں کرتا،وہ کسی دوسرے کی عزت نہیں کرسکتا۔ سید ذیشان حیدر


The optimist and the pessimist

6 May 2016

“The optimist and the pessimist both die in the end, but each lives is life in a completely different way.” ― Paulo Coelho


Interview with Mr Shujat Azeem ( adviser to the Prime minister on Aviation in Pakistan)

10 Mar 2015

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