Syed Zeeshan Haider

Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

25 Jul 2016

Why Trumps trumps his opponent By: Syed Zeeshan Haider At this point in time, the US elections have become the most engaging topic for the analysts, all around the world. By now, everyone is aware of the fact that Hillary Clinton belongs to the Democrats while Donald Trump is the Republican candidate. Hillary Clinton was […]


غلطیوں کااحساس

24 Jul 2016


Clearly identifying ones priorities

17 Jul 2016

“Clearly identifying ones priorities and adapting ones life accordingly is a key to happiness and self satisfaction.”― Syed Zeeshan Haider اپنی ترجیحات کاواضح تعین کرلینااوران کے عین مطابق ذندگی گزارناخوشی اوراطمینان قلب کی کنجی ہے۔ سید ذیشان حیدر


The optimist and the pessimist

6 May 2016

“The optimist and the pessimist both die in the end, but each lives is life in a completely different way.” ― Paulo Coelho


Interview with Mr Shujat Azeem ( adviser to the Prime minister on Aviation in Pakistan)

10 Mar 2015

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