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In hindsight: what we took away from the Arab-American relations

19 Jun 2017

TLDR: the confrontationist policy is futile Iran and Saudi Arab would be best served serving their own people   If we look at the American elections, after Trump got selected, the analysts were of the view that Trump will completely change the foreign policy. However, my opinion was slightly different. Trump is a businessman and […]


اسلامی اتحادکامستقبل

18 Jun 2017


If one doesn’t control his desires….

23 May 2017

“If one doesn’t control his desires, his desires control him.” – Syed Zeeshan haider ‘‘جوشخص اپنی خواہشات کو قابو نہیں کرتااس کی خواہشات اس کو قابوکرلیتی ہیں’’ سیدذیشان حیدر  


The optimist and the pessimist

6 May 2016

“The optimist and the pessimist both die in the end, but each lives is life in a completely different way.” ― Paulo Coelho


Interview with Mr Shujat Azeem ( adviser to the Prime minister on Aviation in Pakistan)

10 Mar 2015

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