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نوٹس لے لیا

13 Aug 2017


Is mainstreaming FATA a lost cause?

24 Jul 2017

“ Someone who lives in FATA believes that the ongoing war on terrorism in the country has adversely impacted their area the most.Keeping in view this region, billions of dollars of foreign aid were received by the country, but of what benefit was the money to the region? If we were to run a survey as […]


If one doesn’t control his desires….

23 May 2017

“If one doesn’t control his desires, his desires control him.” – Syed Zeeshan haider ‘‘جوشخص اپنی خواہشات کو قابو نہیں کرتااس کی خواہشات اس کو قابوکرلیتی ہیں’’ سیدذیشان حیدر  


The optimist and the pessimist

6 May 2016

“The optimist and the pessimist both die in the end, but each lives is life in a completely different way.” ― Paulo Coelho


Interview with Mr Shujat Azeem ( adviser to the Prime minister on Aviation in Pakistan)

10 Mar 2015

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