A tale of weapons and government policies

18 Jan 2018

A meeting of the federal cabinet was held recently in Islamabad in which the Pakistani federal government imposed a complete ban on prohibited bore weapons. With the exception of government organisations and security institutions, no one will be allowed to possess prohibited bore weapons. According to the plan, two options would be given to the […]


Pros and cons of the development of Lahore

16 Jan 2018

The development currently taking place in Lahore has both positive and negative aspects. Lahore offers a safer and more secure environment in comparison with other cities such as Karachi, Peshawar or Quetta. No other city in Pakistan compares to Lahore in terms of the number of infrastructure development projects. The political leadership of the past […]


ترقی کے مثبت اور منفی پہلو

14 Jan 2018


The political future of Pakistan

9 Jan 2018

Death is the ultimate reality of human life. No matter how powerful or healthy a human being is, everyone gets a taste of the bitterness of death. As old age approaches, senility sets in. The average age of a person in Pakistan is 60 years old. The leaders of the three biggest political parties of […]


ٹرمپ کا حالیہ بیان اور غلام جمہوریت

7 Jan 2018


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