The 18th Amendment and Article 140 of the Constitution

28 Jan 2019

Getting the government to act according to the constitution is the responsibility of our judicial system For a while now, there has been chatter in the media about eliminating the 18th Amendment from the Constitution of Pakistan. On the basis of the 18th Amendment, several institutions were transferred from the domain of the federal government […]


ہماری معاشی زبوں حالی کی اصل وجہ

27 Jan 2019


Donald Trump: A Successful US President

15 Jan 2019

When Donald Trump joined the race to run for the presidency of the US, most people believed that he was not a serious candidate. I, however, gauged Trump’s potential to create a big upset in the 2016, elections even at that time. I declared this prediction about Trump in my columns quite a while before […]


پاکستان اور سی سیلین مافیا

13 Jan 2019


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