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A tale of weapons and government policies

18 Jan 2018

A meeting of the federal cabinet was held recently in Islamabad in which the Pakistani federal government imposed a complete ban on prohibited bore weapons. With the exception of government organisations and security institutions, no one will be allowed to possess prohibited bore weapons. According to the plan, two options would be given to the […]


Pros and cons of the development of Lahore

16 Jan 2018

The development currently taking place in Lahore has both positive and negative aspects. Lahore offers a safer and more secure environment in comparison with other cities such as Karachi, Peshawar or Quetta. No other city in Pakistan compares to Lahore in terms of the number of infrastructure development projects. The political leadership of the past […]


The political future of Pakistan

9 Jan 2018

Death is the ultimate reality of human life. No matter how powerful or healthy a human being is, everyone gets a taste of the bitterness of death. As old age approaches, senility sets in. The average age of a person in Pakistan is 60 years old. The leaders of the three biggest political parties of […]


December 16 : one date, two tragedies

28 Dec 2017

16 December is the blackest day in the history of Pakistan. It was on this date that two heart-wrenchingly tragic incidents took place. On 16 December, 1971Pakistan disintegrated and East Pakistan, now known as Bangladesh, became a separate nation. On 16 December, 2014 terrorists staged a gruesome attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar. […]


PPP — past, present and hopes for the future

18 Dec 2017

The party might do well to play the silent observer. For as Napoleon once said: “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake” The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is currently in the midst of both a grave leadership and administrative crisis. Yet it had not always been this way. For the party is […]


The General Jahangir Karamat formula

9 Dec 2017

Every country is different   All ideologies in the world can be viewed in the light of a particular era and its circumstances. Communism was successful in Russia but failed to set down deep roots in Europe. Democracy, monarchy, and communism are only a few ideologies among many. The suitability of a particular ideology depends […]


Pakistan’s private sector and level playing fields

9 Dec 2017

Imran Khan has always held the stance that if the reins of the government are put into the hands of a businessman,the businessman will most likely work for his own personal gains rather than those of the public. This creates an inevitable conflict of interest, thus making it inappropriate for a businessman to run the […]


The importance of timing in politics

1 Dec 2017

It looks like the fight Nawaz is looking to fight for his nation is far too delayed. Why couldn’t he do what he is trying to do now during his first three years in office? Time, beyond any doubt, is important in every aspect of our lives. However, in politics, the importance of time is […]


Pakistan’s eastern frontier

29 Nov 2017

On 24 November 2017, as a result of unprovoked and indiscriminate firing from Indian side at Battal sector of Line of Control (LOC), Zaida Begum, and 38 years of age, resident of Dharmsal village was seriously injured and her condition remains critical till date. Previously, on September 29, Naib Subedar Nadeem was martyred as a […]


The defeat of the Daesh in Syria and Iraq

27 Nov 2017

America’s lack of cooperation regarding extradition of Fethullah Gulan widened the gulf between USA and Turkey; pushing the latter closer to Iran and Russia. In 2014, with a rather lightning speed, Daesh was able to capture large swathes of land in Syria and Iraq. Initially, a significant number of the Daesh leaders consisted of the […]


Has the “change” arrived?

28 Sep 2017

Has the “change” arrived? By : Syed Zeeshan Haider After Nawaz Sharif was disqualified, he raised a rather interesting question. According to him, it is said that he does not get along well with anyone; and if that’s actually the case, does this mean no Prime Minister in the history of Pakistan got along well […]


What can we learn from Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification?

21 Aug 2017

As it turns out, plenty. PML-N’s supporters and political workers have been expressing a variety of concerns with regards to the Supreme Court’s decision, and the party’s think-tanks are now engaging in discussions focused on uncovering the reasons for the ex-Prime Minister’s disqualification, to use this as a learning experience for the future candidates. An […]


Is mainstreaming FATA a lost cause?

24 Jul 2017

“ Someone who lives in FATA believes that the ongoing war on terrorism in the country has adversely impacted their area the most.Keeping in view this region, billions of dollars of foreign aid were received by the country, but of what benefit was the money to the region? If we were to run a survey as […]


In hindsight: what we took away from the Arab-American relations

19 Jun 2017

TLDR: the confrontationist policy is futile Iran and Saudi Arab would be best served serving their own people   If we look at the American elections, after Trump got selected, the analysts were of the view that Trump will completely change the foreign policy. However, my opinion was slightly different. Trump is a businessman and […]


Who is to blame?

19 Apr 2017

When comes the harvest, who will history point to? Two metrics may be used to encompass the influence a country has across the world: economic standing, and military prowess. For example, when a dignitary from the US is invited to Pakistan, the degree of protocol provided may very easily provide a stark contrast with the […]


Afghan brethren

27 Mar 2017

After the end of Soviet War in April 1988, the United Nations got Geneva Agreement signed between Pakistan and Afghanistan, according to which the two countries would adopt the policy of non-interference and would work together to solve their mutual issues. Russia and America played the role of guarantors for the agreement. The decades of […]


Pakistani Government and dwindling small businesses

7 Mar 2017

If we take a close look at the economic situation of Pakistan, the investors hailing from the middle and lower classes seem to bear the brunt of government’s aloof economic policies. It feels like as if small businesses lie at the bottom of our government’s priority list. The small businessmen who make up the backbone […]


The myth of women’s empowerment in Pakistan

16 Feb 2017

A few days back, Provincial Minister for Works and Services, Imdad Pitafi, addressed a Functional League’s member rather inappropriately, during a Sindh Assembly’s session. Needless to say, the usage of such inapt language by a selected representative for a woman is a reprehensible act. However, this valiant woman, Nusrat Sahar, protested vehemently against it – […]


Donald Trump – the maverick

22 Jan 2017

Love him or hate him – the man now holds the US economy in his hands “Apple might soon be “convinced” by Trump to shift its manufacturing unit from China to America. Trump being a corporate world insider, equipped with all the tools of the trade and immense power as President of United Sates, makes […]


Educational reform

9 Jan 2017

The solution to religious extremism in Pakistan If we keep fighting like this, it will be very hard,” says petrified Sher Murad in a feeble voice, who is one of the thousands of Pakistan army soldiers injured in the war against Taliban. He recuperates in bed donned with white sheets while his body is covered […]


Black Money

21 Dec 2016

Once bitten, twice shy I stumbled upon an opportunity to indulge in an in-depth conversation regarding black economy with a high customs official who told me that the existence of black money is equivalent to having a parallel economy that cushions the meager earnings of the financially marginalised classes of Pakistan, which he asserted is […]


Uncle, Why am I like this?

7 Dec 2016

When it comes to AIDS, the disease is only half the battle The entire hall fell silent as soon as he stepped onto the stage. The event organised under the banner of an international NGO in this 5 star restaurant’s humungous hall was a spectacle. The hall was so silent that one could hear people […]


A tale of two cities

1 Dec 2016

Mosul and Aleppo One of the oft-quoted lines from A Tale of Two Cities is: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, […]


The melancholic Prime Minister

19 Nov 2016

“… make a man healthy, wealthy and wise” A few weeks back, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif distributed national health cards in Rahim Yar Khan under the banner of the Prime Minister’s National Health Scheme. During the ceremonial address, he explicitly mentioned the efforts his government is making in order to provide health facilities to the […]


Donald Trump and the third Presidential debate

7 Nov 2016

Can’t afford to beat the bush any more How significant have the three televised US presidential debates been in winning voters for the two candidates? Have these three showdowns between opposing candidates been enough to sway the undecided voters toward one candidate or the other? Do these televised presidential debates aid the general public in […]


The Simla agreement and the Geneva Accord

26 Oct 2016

The roots of contemporary problems are buried deep The rift between Pakistan and India has increased to a significant degree. A few elements on both sides have played a crucial role in aggravating the situation. These elements are present amongst mass media, political parties and various governmental and non- governmental institutions, on both sides of […]


Mama Merkel’s immigration policy fiasco

2 Sep 2016

Taking a closer look An old friend of mine, after travelling around the world, decided to reside in Germany permanently because according to him, it is the most beautiful and peaceful country in the world. Germany offers every luxury in the world and the lack of pollution and chaos are just cherry on the top. […]


Fixing the anomaly

9 Aug 2016

Never too late By: Syed Zeeshan Haider Since Pakistan came into being, our economy has been undergoing vicissitudes constantly. Moreover, it has been swaying between nationalisation and privatisation since 1947. Both the civilian governments as well as the martial laws had affected the entire structure of our economy in their own ways. Resultantly, some of […]


Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

25 Jul 2016

Why Trumps trumps his opponent By: Syed Zeeshan Haider At this point in time, the US elections have become the most engaging topic for the analysts, all around the world. By now, everyone is aware of the fact that Hillary Clinton belongs to the Democrats while Donald Trump is the Republican candidate. Hillary Clinton was […]


We are all friends

10 Jul 2016

In essence, at least By: Syed Zeeshan Haider If one wishes to have an objective outlook towards the foreign policy of Pakistan, a close look at its relations with the neighbouring countries will suffice. From the beginning, Pakistan and India have been at loggerheads with each other, resulting in two enormous wars and frequent border skirmishes. […]


Pakistan, Afghanistan and Taliban

26 Jun 2016

Caution: Men at work By:Syed Zeeshan Haider The year was 1995; Benazir Bhutto was serving as the Prime Minister of Pakistan while Nasrullah Babar Malik was the Interior Minister. Abdul Wahid Kakar was the Chief of Army Staff and Talibanisation was on a continuous rise. During the same era, Taliban hanged the Afghan President Najibullah brazenly. […]


The Unkind History

19 Jun 2016

We need to look closer at what we’re teaching new generations   By: Syed Zeeshan Haider A colossal number of fights that erupt in the world today have something to do with history. Disagreements on historical facts give rise to conflicts that result in the loss of human lives. If the people of the world […]


Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey

28 May 2016

Interconnected with an evolving world By: Syed Zeeshan Haider Back in 2014, I got an opportunity to visit Turkey. Not only was I able to observe the country’s political situation closely, I wrote a number of articles on the changes taking place in Turkey’s internal and foreign affairs, as well. The military control on the […]


The major causes of unemployment in Pakistan

25 May 2016

There’s a mindset that needs to be changed By: Syed Zeeshan Haider At this point in time, almost every youngster in Pakistan endorses the fact that the country is currently plagued by sheer unemployment. Why is it that a considerable proportion of our youth is currently unemployed? There are several reasons behind it that must […]


Cynicism: the national past time

8 May 2016

Naysayers, sceptics and the self righteous Syed Zeeshan Haider   Criticizing and doubting people’s intentions just for the sake of it have become quite a norm. An old wise man once said, “I do not judge anyone for only God is entitled to judge people, not me.” However, unfortunately, it has attained the status of a […]


Pakistan, India and Iran

5 May 2016

A history of bilateral relations Syed Zeeshan Haider Following the Iranian Revolution of 1979, the United Nations Security Council imposed sanctions against Iran in order to suspend its nuclear enrichment programs. Iran was not allowed to trade with the international world in fields like nuclear energy, missiles, petroleum, banking and even the shopping industry. Consequently, […]

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