Education helps the cognitive process

4 Nov 2012

Education helps the cognitive process in three overarching ways. Firstly, it gives us new information. Secondly, dispels misconceptions and pretensions. Thirdly, espouse and validates our existing concepts. – Syed Zishan Hyder

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  • Syed Hasan Shahid Bukhari

    You are correct … for in the popular sense, Education usually means BAs, MDs, or Ph.Ds … Degrees … the polishing, that can give luster to any stone… But in the holistic sense, every pebble, is not a gem, besides, only a few gems are ever found, polished, and adorn a hand or crown …

    Unfortunately … there is no word in the English language that can define “Tarbiat” … “upbringing” being the closest equivalent … For it is “Tarbiat” which transforms a lowly pebble into a gem !

  • salahuddin johar

    Do you think that Education in Pakistan fits that criteia ? i am not afraid to state that we are producing mentally blind people in Pakistani so-called educational institutions.

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