Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

25 Jul 2016

Why Trumps trumps his opponent
By: Syed Zeeshan Haider

At this point in time, the US elections have become the most engaging topic for the analysts, all around the world. By now, everyone is aware of the fact that Hillary Clinton belongs to the Democrats while Donald Trump is the Republican candidate. Hillary Clinton was born in October 1947 in the state of Chicago. She is a lawyer by profession and joined the Democratic Party in 1968. She is married to one of the former Presidents of the USA – Bill Clinton. She was a presidency candidate in 2008 as well but Obama took the lead and she began working as the secretary of the state. This time around, she seems to be a strong candidate however; Donald Trump has appeared to be a rather strange opponent who has shown bewildering developments through the course of his election campaign.

Donald Trump was born in 1946. Later in his life, he became a renowned business and showbiz celebrity. He has written several business and investment related books of which I have read a few. Biographical accounts of Donald Trump in his books tell a lot about his resilient and hardworking nature. Hence, when he chose to run for the president of United States, I instantly realiseed that he was no ordinary candidate. He was taken non-seriously for the most part of his campaign however, today a large number of people have changed their perception of Trump. He does not seem to be a typical United States Presidential Candidate.

He refused to support Israel blindly, vowed to kick Mexicans out of his country if he becomes the President and promised that he would not let Muslims enter the USA. If we observe closely, it becomes clear that you must possess an extraordinarily distinct and audacious mindset to say things as offensive as these. However, if we analyze closely, this mindset does exist in American public. According to this mindset, United States is blessed with best the world has to offer right from education, technology to health facilities and is self-sufficient in food, raw material and energy (thanks to fracking) etc. Therefore, these Americans believe that they do not need to attract unnecessary troubles by meddling with other countries’ internal affairs or by allowing migrants from war zones and poverty stricken nations to enter into United States. This sentiment has its roots in 9/11 attacks. Today, an increasing number of Americans are of the view that if Muslims are banned from their country, nothing of this sort will ever happen again. This is probably why Donald Trump has succeeded in attracting so many followers. Moreover, Trump holds quite unconventional stance on foreign policy.

Unlike the previous American Presidents who have always targeted Russia, North
Korea or Iran, Trump has shown willingness to develop genial relations with Russia. Trump has recognised Russia’s attempts to eradicate terrorism in the Middle East and has advised America to not interfere in Russian onslaught on terrorist organisations in Syria. Consequently, Russian President Putin has applauded Donald Trump throughout. Putin has said “[Donald Trump is] a really brilliant and talented person, without any doubt” and he further added “It’s not our job to judge his qualities, that’s a job for American voters, but he’s the absolute leader in the presidential race.” Today, an ever increasing number of Americans even including some conservatives are endorsing Trump’s stance on foreign policy and categorising it as logical. The rise of Donald Trump (presidential candidate with no political background) has baffled political analysts all over the world. Probably, there was more to Donald Trump than that meets the eye.

Donald Trump has a relatively energetic and bold personality. Once, he got into a fight with Megyn Kelly of Fox News. Trump boycotted the channel which is considered as one of the most influential TV Channels in USA. This act proved that his authority prevails beyond the Media and he is willing to stand his ground against formidable adversaries. However, according to a number of analysts, Trump’s ridiculous speeches and reckless statements might lead him to the path of failure. Moreover, they reckon that Trump’s lack of political experience and insolent attitude makes him a weaker candidate as compared to Hillary Clinton. However, if we look closely, Trump and Hillary have almost equal number of flaws.

When Hillary was serving as the secretary of the State, she sent certain official emails through her personal email address, which raised outcry. The law however, exempted her from any bitter consequences, as the act did not fall in its domain. During her reign as the Secretary of the State, Libya underwent a number of horrific events including the horrendous execution of Colonel Qaddafi and irreverent treatment of his corpse. Later, US ambassador to Libya was killed when the American embassy in Benghazi (Libya) was stormed and burnt to ground by the mob Libya situation is highlighted by her critics as a testament to Clinton’s incompetence as secretary of state. Consequently, today Libya is pervaded by Daesh. Similarly, Hillary Clinton is also considered responsible for the failure of foreign policies in Middle East as a whole. Moreover, Hillary Clinton has mostly employed notable businesspersons and multibillion corporations to support her campaign while Donald Trump has mostly used his own money. This has increased his popularity even more. Furthermore, he has promised the Americans that he will bring back jobs from China and other countries back to America. This has contributed to building his credibility among the masses.

There are three things that are considered essential for a successful political leader a) his honesty b) if his views are in harmony with the views of the public at large and c) if he will be able to improve the economic situation of the country. If we compare both the above-mentioned candidates in the light of these three qualities, Trump literally trumps Hillary.

Published in “Pakistan Today” on 25 July 2016.


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