The recipe for success : war against terrorism

9 Jan 2015

The heightened state of public joy during the recent Eid Milad Ul Nabi(SAW) sent a symbolic message that the Pakistani nation is no longer willing to bow down to oppression. Secondly, after the Military establishment has taken the front seat in eradicating the terrorism, the public, specially the communities on the hot list of extremists, have taken a sigh of relief. Pakistanis as a whole feel safer and more secure.
However,the major work rooting out the black sheep needs to be done in-house by the establishment. Starting from its numerous intelligence agencies( specially ISI) in the first phase. In doing so, prime focus should be on the JCO( junior commissioned officers) and NCO ( Non commissioned officers) class. In second phase all the mosques and madrasas in cantonment areas as well as in the forces training institutes need to be minutely scrutinized and extremist elements need to be weeded out immediately.
In the third phase the holistic ideology of eastern border centric policy needs to be revised and major focus of all forces to be shifted towards the terrorism menace inside our borders.
In fourth Phase, All armed private outfits, which have been operating in cahoots with the military establishment should be dismantled.
above said suggestions are the recipe for success regarding the Pakistan’s war against terrorism.
However, the civilian government needs to focus on revisiting the education syllabus and revising it on war footing basis. The mosques and madrasas as well as all other education institutes need to to be scrutinized combed for extremist elements.

By : Syed Zeeshan Haider

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